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The SMS Brand

Late Shri Shaktikumar M. Sancheti
Founder of the SMS Group

Our logo truly signifies who we are and what we stand for

The color blue
shows that we are strong and steadfast. Our ability to deliver against all odds, exhibited over decades, stands strong similar to structures we build.

The color grey
matches the sophistication and professionalism that bring stability to our organization. If employee retention is a measure then we score 99%+ on it.

The gaps between the elements
are a parallel for the openness of SMS to adapt, not randomly but by design, any new change or innovation brought inside the company or occurring outside in the dynamic business environment.

The circular gap at the center
showcases the technology driven nature of SMS and implies room for continual improvement thus acting as our central driver for growth.

The inner circular bands of blue and grey
increasing in size designate steady growth from small to big. The circular nature implies continuity in improvement efforts and forward outlook.

The outer circular bands of blue and grey
further strengthen the belief - held by employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders - in the effective value system of SMS.

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