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Integrated Waste Management Facility

Key Projects – Work In Hand

  • Integrated Waste Management Facility near Bengaluru.
  • Performance Audit.
  • ETP: Jamil Steel., Military Hospital, Pune, TATA projects ltd., Bhaskar group, Aditya Birla group (Nagpur region), Ordinance Factory (Bhandara).
  • STP: Endurance Technologies Ltd.
  • EIA: Marvel Realtors & Developers Ltd, Lupin Laboratories.

Key Services

Will consist of the Hazardous waste Management, E-waste management facility, Bio-medical waste management facility, Facility for co-processing of hazardous waste and Waste oil Recovery.

Environment Monitoring, Consent to Operate and Establishment, Erection, Commissioning of ETP / STP, Performance Audit, Safety Training, Resource Management.

Key Clients

  • Many clients from Bengaluru city & / Karnataka Industrial Areas.


Since the years of its existence, SMS has grown to become one of the largest infrastructure companies in Central India managing the work professionally even though it is closely held.


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