Prospective Projects

Naya Raipur, Raipur, Bangalore, Surat, KDMC

Key Services

Preparation of DPR for lake remediation, survey of watershed, sampling and analyses of lake water and sediments from lake bed, dredging of lake beds, removal of aquatic weeds / plants, checking ingress of untreated effluents / sewerage, strengthening (de-silting) of feeder channels, strengthening of bunds, mobilizing public opinion, ensuring aeration of lake water, monitoring water quality.

Prospective Clients

Naya Raipur Development Authority
Lake Development Authority, Bangalore
National Lake Development Authority, New Delhi


ETP experience, earthwork experience of the Group, collaboration with Solar Bee most energy efficient aeration system, tying up with Tandon & Associates for lake remediation DPRs.

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