Biomedical Waste

Biomedical waste management is a critical aspect of public health and environmental protection. Despite regulations, improper disposal persists, posing significant risks. Lack of segregation leads to hazardous contamination, attracting disease vectors like flies and rodents. Improper recycling practices, such as inadequate sterilization of medical equipment, exacerbate health hazards. Inadequate waste disposal systems contribute to pollution of land and groundwater, with dangerous waste often ending up in landfills near hospitals. Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts, including strict enforcement of regulations and promoting the availability of authorized recycling services for safe disposal of biomedical waste.


Work In Hand

Raipur STP 75, 35 & 90 MLD

• Project in brief – The Project for STP Raipur is based under the project of mission Clean Kharun River, an initiative by Raipur Municipal Corporation. The Funding for the project is under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) by the Chattisgarh Environment Conservation Board. Through this project, water from 7 nallas of the city will be trapped by KT weir at different locations and sewage water will be conveyed to telescopic RCC NP3 pipes interceptor sewer of Length 11420m (700mm to 1800mm Dia) and 350 mm DI pipe to 3 Sewage Treatment Plants of Capacity 75, 35 & 90 MLD each with SBR technology. The scope of work on these plants is EPC, testing, commissioning, trial run and 15 years of Operation & Maintenance.

5 MLD CETP, Butibori


  • Project in brief – Butibori is an industrial suburb of Nagpur, India. Due to the saturation of the existing Butibori
    Industrial Area, MIDC is developing a new Greenfield Additional Butibori Industrial Area, located 6 km
    from the existing MIDC area and spread over a total area of 2.217ha.The Greenfield CETP for the area
    has been proposed ahead of industrial development. MIDC has appointed SMS Limited for Design,
    Build and Commissioning of 5 MLD CETP based on MBR technology through competitive bidding


  • Project in brief –Ponda Envocare Limited is located at Plot No. 5 & 5A, GIDC Pissurlem, Taluka. Satari Dist. North Goa, Goa. This CHWTSDF project has got all necessary CTOs from state pollution control board for Secured Lanfilling, Incineration and Pre – Processing of Hazardous waste followed by Co – Processing to Cement Kiln. The total area of the project is around 77574 Sqm.



CBWTF Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Raipur, Uganda

• Project in brief -Common Bio Medical Waste Management facilities are setup for the collection, storage, treatment & disposal of bio-medical waste generated in the city of Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow & Raipur. The facilities have Incinerator, Autoclave and Shredding operations for treatment of biomedical waste.International present Common Bio Medical Waste Management facility is setup in Uganda.

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